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Sarah Dunn: Lead Vocal/Fiddle/Mandolin Sean Fisher: Lead Guitar Teddy Scott: Rhythm Guitar/Banjo Roger Caple: Bass/ Backing Vocal Jake Lynn: Drums There’s a story that bandleader Sarah Dunn likes to tell about the extraordinary way in which she entered the world 27 years ago. Her mother Deborah, nine months pregnant, completed a full shift at the restaurant where she worked, drove herself to a midwife a half hour away to give birth and then drove back home with her baby girl on the same day. Incredible as that may be, she wasn’t finished. “Then she mowed the yard with a push mower,” says Dunn, shaking her head in disbelief. “That is a woman! That’s where I get my toughness.” Like her[…]

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Sarah’s New Single

“A Cowboys Face” from the album “Unbridle Me” will be the next release from the Sarah Dunn Band this August.   Again, solely written by Sarah, as is every song on the album, with the exception Of “Cautionary Tale” which she co-wrote with guitarist Teddy Gentry.   “I wrote A Cowboy’s Face in memory of my Uncle Gene, who was a fantastic musician himself and an influential person in my early life.  He was one of a kind and always seemed to have whatever I needed on hand, whether it was a hug or come-to-Jesus talk.  I would like to think everyone has someone like that and that’s how the idea for this song began”.

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