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LABEL | Reznam Records

MANAGEMENT | Greg Stevens


Gregg Stevens


Jim Quinton



  1. When will Sarah Dunn band be back in Oklahoma for concert? Seen her for the first time at HANK FM PASTURE PARTY in Wellston, Oklahoma and OMG, FELT LIKE SHE SANG ABOUT MY LIFE.. the song she sang, pay my rent ( I think is the name of the song ) is so my life right now. Enid, Oklahoma has a place there they do concerts. I’d give my very last penny to go see her. Hell I’d sell all my belonging for V.I.P. MEET AND GREET. She’s right there with Miranda Lambert and plays a hard ass fiddle better than anyone I know.. Charlie Daniels is damned good too, but seems can play fiddle and bounce around a stage like no other. I SO LOVE HER PERSONALITY, PERFORMANCE AND HER AS A PERSON ( IDOL ).

  2. I’m a huge fan of Sarah and I’d love, more than anything, to get an autographed photo of her, for my personal collection? Thanks ahead of time! Sincerely,

    Brian Eubanks
    P.O. Box 1173
    Winnsboro, LA

  3. i`m one of your most sweet and lovely fan of yours of all time, i was just wondering if i could ask you, if i could give you a most sweet #KISS# and a most lovable #HUGS# and a most smooth #SMOOCHES# all at once, if that is ok, by you of course?. your voice is just as very beautiful as you are, your looks is just as very attractive as you are. you are my best personal favorite and greatest female singer that you are of all time. so take care and best wishes and best of luck to you in the future. and your album is the best number #1 in my book too. i love you honey and sweetheart. bye now.

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